Farm-fresh veggies? Easy peasy V. Marchese. Below is a sampling of our products. Please view our online catalog for a complete list of what we offer.
Acorn Squash
Anaheim Peppers
Arcadian Mix
Asparagus Extra Large
Asparagus Jumbo
Asparagus Large
Baby Bok Choy
Baby Candy Stripe Beets
Baby Carrot
Baby Fennel
Baby Golden Beet
Baby Iceberg Lettuce
Baby Kale
Baby Peeled Carrot
Baby Red Beet
Baby Red Romaine
Baby Romaine
Baby Spinach
Baby Turnips
Baby Zucchini
Banana Peppers
Beets Red
Belgian Endive
Better Burger Leaf Fillets
Bok Choy
Boston Lettuce
Breakfast Radishes
Brite Lites Chard
Broccoli Crowns
Broccoli Florets
Brussel Sprouts
Butternut Squash
Candy Stripe Beets
Carrot Petite
Carrots Cello Pack
Cauliflower Florettes
Cauliflower Green Color
Cauliflower Orange Color
Cauliflower Purple Color
Celery Root
Celery Sleeved/Wrapped
Collard Greens
Corn Bi Color
Cubanelle Pepper
Cucumbers Seedless
Cucumbers Super Select
Curly Endive
Delicata Squash
Easter Egg Radish
English Peas
Escarole Lettuce
Fava Beans
Fennel Anise Celery
Fingerling Potatoes
Fingerling Potatoes Mix Color
Fingerling Sweet Potatoes
French Bean
Garlic Peeled
Garnett Sweet Potatoes
Ginger Root
Golden Beets
Green Beans
Green Beans Trimmed
Green Cabbage
Green Leaf Lettuce
Green Oak
Green Patty Pan
Green Peppers
Green Shishito Peppers
Grimmway Carrot Matchstick
Guajillo Peppers
Habanero Peppers
Honey Gem Lettuce
Horseradish Root
Hydro Bib Lettuce
Hydro Watercress
Iceberg Cello Wrapped
Iceberg Lettuce
Iceless Green Onion
Jalapeno Pepper
Japanese Eggplant
Kabocha Squash
Kale Flowering Oriental
Kale Green Shredded
Kennebec Potato
Lollo Rosa
Maitake Mushroom
Mini Peeled Carrots
Mixed Baby Beets
Mustard Greens
Napa Cabbage
One Bite Mixed Medley Potatoes
One Bite Potatoes Gold
Onions Jumbo
Onions Super Colossal
Onions White
Orange Peppers
Organic Potatoes Russet
Organic Acorn Squash
Organic Arugula
Organic Asparagus
Organic Baby Peeled Carrots
Organic Beets
Organic Broccoli
Organic Broccoli Crowns
Organic Brussels Sprouts
Organic Cauliflower
Organic Celery
Organic Cello Carrots
Organic Cilantro
Organic Cucumbers
Organic Delicata Squash
Organic Eggplant
Organic Garlic
Organic Ginger Yellow
Organic Green Beans
Organic Green Cabbage
Organic Green Leaf Lettuce
Organic Green Peppers
Organic Jalapenos
Organic Kale
Organic Leeks
Organic Parsley
Organic Parsley Italian
Organic Red Onion
Organic Red Pepper
Organic Red Radishes
Organic Romaine Heart
Organic Romaine Lettuce
Organic Russet Potatoes
Organic Spaghetti Squash
Organic Spring Mix
Organic Spring Mix Salad
Organic Sweet Mixed Pepper
Organic Sweet Onions
Organic Whole Peeled Garlic
Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes
Organic Zucchini Medium
Organictternut Squash
Parsley Curly
Parsley Italian Flat Leaf
Pea Pods
Peeled Cipollini Onion
Pickling Cucumber
Poblano Peppers
Potatoes Idaho Russet
Purple Ninja Radishes
Purple Potatoes
Radishes Beauty Heart
Rappini Broccoli Rabe
Red Belgium Endive
Red Cabbage
Red Chard
Red Fresno Peppers
Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Onion
Red Peppers
Red Potatoes
Romaine Lettuce
Romaine Trimmed Hearts
Savoy Cabbage
Serrano Peppers
Shallots Whole Peeled
Spaghetti Squash
Spinach California
Spinach Cello
Spring Mix Salad
Sugar Snap Peas
Sweet Chili Peppers
Sweet Onion
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatoes Jumbo
Swiss Chard
Tri Color Baby Carrot
Tri Color Carrots
Tri Colored Carrots
Tri Colored Carrots
Turnip Greens
Tuscan Kale Case
White Asparagus
White Potatoes C Size
Wi Grown Org Citrus Splash
Wi Grown Organic Spring Mix
Yellow Peppers
Yellow Squash
Yucca Root
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Zucchini Squash

To order, give us a call at (414) 289-0995 or